Company Profile


P. Samaras SA is active in the sector of quarries since the 70’s, as the main associate of international companies in the cement industry, such as LAFARGE and TITAN GROUP. From the beginning, it undertook the exploitation of many quarries for its clients. Client list and quaries exploited.

Company Facilities


The company's registered seat is located at 90, Athinon Avenue in Athens, in a 600 square meters self-owned building, and the machinery control centre is located in a 5.500 square meters self-owned area located near the main building. The commercial and mining activities of the company are carried on through the following subsidiary companies: P.SAMARAS SA, P. SAMARAS HELLENIC INDUSTRIAL SA, P. SAMARAS MARITIME SA, P. SAMARAS LIMITED, P. SAMARAS FOR CONSTRUCTION SAE (EGYPT).

Our Team


The human resources of the company is constituted of scientific specialists in the fields of mining engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, economy, computer scientists, HR. On every site, there are permanent supervising engineers, qualified technicians, operators, drivers and storekeepers, who form the permanent personnel on site, selected among the most experienced and trained to work under the special conditions of the projects.

Commercial Activities

The production of all the company's sites amounts to 20 million tons annually, including the work of initial excavation of the mine, using explosives of our production, loading and transporting the stones and materials, selling aggregates loaded at the products platform, the potential of our company is much higher and places us among the first in our filed in Greece. Due to our very long experience and know-how in the sector of mining for the cement industry and aggregates, the services provided by the company consist of complete proposals for high quality and excellent operation.

Image The company possesses a fleet of more than 200 earthmovers machinery, the largest in their category, maintained and repaired by fully organized workshops installed on every site. A multitude of reserve machinery and repaired accessories and spare parts cover the needs of all sites wherever and whenever needed. The company is commercially involved in the import and marketing,of tires for heavy duty earthmovers, as the sole representative of TUTRIC TIRES.

Image Engineers and external associates are involved in the continued training of personnel. Psamaras sa is committed to continual improvement in the standards of health and safety in the workplace. The company is also certified ISO 9001:2000, which certifies the excellent operation thereof and the guarantee of its final products.

The care of the company to protect the environment involves the recycling of all waste materials, continued control of machinery as to the good operation thereof, and its commitment to restore the environment, following rehabilitation stages, at the end of every project or part thereof.

Due to the financial stability of the company its great credit solvency and high reliability on the market, the company guarantees excellent service. Despite the current problems, it is expanding and developing, aiming at large projects, both in Greece and abroad.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality, environmental friendly and safe services.

Our Team

We are aware of the importance of being efficient and reliable.
In other words we know what proffessionalism and effectiveness means to our partners and we have heavily invested on these.
Our assets are not just our equipment and systems but mostly our people.